What Is Energy Therapy

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What Is Energy Therapy?

Energy therapy helps to balance and repair a person’s energy system thereby allowing the body to heal. I use a gentle light touch to influence the clients’ energy system. The health and wellbeing of an individual’s energy system affects their overall health; physical health, emotional health and mental health.
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How It Works


How Healing Touch Helps You Heal Yourself

Healing Touch and Reiki are non-invasive energy therapies in which the practitioner works with you to clear, energize, and balance your energy field. This caring, heart centered practice can improve your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and healing.
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Benefits Of Energy Therapy

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Benefits of Healing Touch

Scientific studies and medical research have shown many benefits of Healing Touch, including: decreased pain, reduction of stress, anxiety and depression, improved surgical recovery, strengthen immune system, relief during or after chemotherapy, improve mood……..
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Considering a Session?

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Considering a Session?

Receiving a Healing Touch/Reiki session is deeply relaxing. Healing sessions greatly benefit a wide variety of health and emotional issues. It facilitates the healing process. It is safe for all ages and works in harmony with all standard medical care. Sessions are available by appointment only.
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  • Healing Touch At Work

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  • Reducing Stress


    Reducing the Stress that Wrecks the Body’s Ability to Heal Itself

    Healing Touch is effective at reducing the long-term effects of chronic stress on the body, and as well as minimizing the impact of stressful events like medical procedures or treatment for severe diseases. Stress has both positive and negative effects on the human system. A certain amount of stress is needed to encourage change and to move one forward with daily challenges. However, prolonged stress creates a “wearing down” of the body’s defenses. This can lead to changes in the immune system; increased risk of...
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    Compassionate Care While Living With Cancer

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    How Cancer Patients Can Improve Their Quality of Life

    Healing Touch is widely used in treating the fatigue, nausea and pain that frequently accompanies the treatment for cancer. Healing Touch is often cited by cancer patients as providing a sense of comfort and connection that got them through
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